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About Us


Tony Flynn


David Burt
Vice President

Jenny Webb

Chris Devers


Daryl Nation
Executive Member

Moe Development Group
How It Effects You


The Moe Development Group grew out of the economic problems of a city which suffered badly from the massive restructuring of the local power industry. The emphasis was on bringing life back into the economy of the central business district.

Its people began to realise, however, that the problems within Moe were not simply economic. They grew from a need to rebuild the self image of the people and the city. So the Moe Development Group became more involved in projects which helped to stitch up the fabric of our society.
The Moe Development Group seeks to support and stimulate projects and initiatives which help create a better city. It acts as the mouthpiece for the Moe community and as advocate for better services and development programs. Membership is open to all and its strength lies in having a single focus - making Moe a great community for all who live and work here.

Moe is a successful City.

The Moe Development Group is proud to be part of it.

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The Final Word

The Moe Development Group has been around for ten years. The MDG was formed during the tough economic times of the early 90’s in Moe. This came with the restructuring of the Power industry in the Latrobe Valley area. The emphasis of the Moe Development Group was to breathe the life back into the Moe community.

Unfortunately, the problems for Moe were not just economic; it was also due the fact that the people of Moe had lost confidence in their own town. This is where the MDG got involved and decided to put projects into place to help bring back the support of the community into the heart of Moe.

There were several projects that were put together at this time, such as The "My Acre" Exhibition, which told the stories of Moe in art, sculpture, and words. Monash University undertook a Folk life Study of Moe that highlighted the richness and quality of the support networks within the Moe community. Again and again the message came through – Moe people support and help each other. Therein lies our success as a community. What I Believe was a serious of articles written by a cross section of Moe residents on how living here had shaped their values. They were published in the Moe Narracan News, and the recordings went to air on the ABC. These all showed once again, the quality of care in our community. No other city has ever been game to do that. We have re-built a strong cultural and social basis in the city.

Since these hard times, Moe has to become a more successful place, not only to live, but to visit as well. This leads to the future of the MDG and what’s in store for Moe. One thing that the Moe Development will always pride itself on is the development of the volunteers who work at the Latrobe Community Service Centre and their concentration on all the MDG core activities.

Moe Development Group may have started during tough times, but now Moe is moving towards better times and MDG will continue the momentum.

Moe sees itself as the centre for adventure in our region and will continue to be promoted as a tourism hub.

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