Christmas in Moe

the "City of Angels"


Starting in November

The Moe Development Group welcomes everyone to Christmas in Moe.

Yet again, Santa has picked Moe as the place to stay this Christmas.  You can see his resting place in the centre of Moe.

The town will be decked out with Christmas banners (proudly sponsored by local businesses) and Christmas decorations.  Many shops will decorate their premises and the streets will be busy with shoppers as they find presents for friends and family.

When trying to find that "hard to get" present, try Moe first.  The traders in Moe are always willing to help their customers and if they donít have what you are looking for, they are sure to help you find someone who has.

Donít get frustrated by traffic jams, lack of car parking or impersonal service in Melbourne.  Shop local, shop in Moe and enjoy the festive season.

When you are shopping in Moe, donít forget the Moe Development Group Community Giving Tree appeal.  There are people in our community who simply canít afford to give their families the Christmas they would like.  By giving to the Moe Development Group Community Giving Tree, you can be assured that people in your community will benefit.  Donations and gifts will be gratefully received.


For information regarding Christmas in Moe Contact Us.

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