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Moe Cup 3 hour Sale

2003 Carlton Draught Moe Cup Day

Thursday 16th October 2003  9am to 12noon.




From the "Moe and Narracan News" of 22/10/02


Organisers overwhelmed by Cup Day success

 Biggest sale ever

 This year’s Moe Cup three Hour Sale was the biggest ever after good weather shone down on the streets bringing bargain hunters out in their droves.

 According to Three Hour Sale convenor, Chris Buckingham, the sale was "definitely the biggest ever – by a mile".

 Music and colour filled the streets as children enjoyed rides and face painting, and adults took advantage of the many bargains on offer.

 Mr Buckingham believes the large crowds were a result of the weather as well as vigorous advertising campaigns.

 "People came from everywhere, not just Moe but places like Yarram, Warragul and Traralgon and there were lots of smiles," Mr Buckingham told The News.

 "Weather was a factor and the event itself, which is becoming known right throughout Gippsland." He added.

 Mr Buckingham said the Three Hour Sale has built a good reputation over the years and would continue to grow.

 "There’s also been really strong involvement from community groups from everywhere this year, including places like Yallourn North and Willow Grove, which really adds to the spice of the day."

 The three Hour Sale also gave many people from outside of Moe a chance to see what Moe has to offer which Mr Buckingham believes will have a positive effect on people choosing Moe as a place to do their Christmas shopping.

 "People who are coming here get to see Moe on show and it addresses that old parochial stigma"

Mr Buckingham said traders he had spoken to were "grinning from ear to ear,"

 "One business owner told me he had an increase of sales by 600% on a normal day and it was his busiest day since he opened three years ago."

 And it would seem most businesses agreed, with many saying the sale had resulted in a great day’s trade.


 The Cup itself was also a major success, with outsider "Kabila" upsetting a crack field to win the major prize.


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