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Latrobe Community Service Centre

Moe Small Latrobe City

The Moe Development Group has successfully operated the Moe Region Business Centre from 79 Albert Street Moe, for many years. As Moe developed, so did the needs of the community, resulting in the Moe Development Groups partnership and ongoing collaboration culminated in the launch of the Latrobe Community Service Centres Network by Senator Judith Troeth on Tuesday the 4th September 2001. This launch was held at the Latrobe Community Service Centre Moe.

The Commonwealth Department of Regional Services and Latrobe City Council funded the Latrobe Community Service Centre Network.



Volunteer Program.


Who are these volunteers? The come from all walks of life, including work for the dole, semi-retired, or ordinary people and those who just want to contribute to the Moe Community.

With a volunteer base ranging from as little as 3 and up to 20 people, you can look up old friends or encounter fresh new faces. 



Further Information about the Moe Development Group
Contact: Ian Hood
Volunteer Office Manager

Phone: (03) 5126 2775
Email: mdg@moe.latrobe.net.au
Mail: PO Box 175, Moe, Vic 3825